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About us

Our Vision

To empower bettors to become sport investors

Through using the state of the art AI information analytics software for football betting and wagers’ portfolio management.

Crystall Ball: AI powered football betting tips and predictions software

Don’t gamble, invest

Sports investment is trading odds which are just like stock prices. Using our software you create a portfolio of value bets. We help you find what to bet on: you bet on matches where the fair probability of certain event is higher than what the market price (i.e. bookmaker odds) reflects. This is how you have an edge on the market.

Rigorously tested to provide sustainable positive ROI

Get at least 7% every year, regardless of the economic cycle. Guaranteed minimum 7% yearly return on investment as tested through simulations on 12 years of historical data.

Manually configurable presets

Customizable betting strategies based on your bankroll, risk attitude, staking plan, etc. Get notifications of value bets to your mailbox.

Advanced visualizations of the results:
  • real-time performance monitoring
  • per-strategy dashboard for your convenience
  • in-depth scientific analysis (methodology and simulations)

Our clients

  • Nerdy, fact oriented
  • Near professional bettors


  • Coverage of top 5 European leagues
  • Three rigorously tested betting strategies
  • Wager amount suggestions
  • Fast informing on signals change
  • Manual or Automated Betting
  • Bankroll development visualization

We demonstrate, credibly and in real time, that we can beat the existing betting market in terms of our predictions accuracy and yearly return on investments.

How it works?

  • AI-powered alternative (fair) pricing chart of football results odds by 5 European leagues.
  • Screening tool for most valuable bets identification.
  • Visual interface for manual or automated betting.
  • Visualization of your portfolio development.

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