Football betting tips to beat the bookmaker

Crystall Ball 𝛽. AI powered Betting Tips
AI-powered football betting strategies with daily value bets suggestions. We cover 5 European Football leagues and our predictions are defined by the AI with regard to your personal risk adversity, bankroll, staking plan, etc

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We can beat the betting market

We demonstrate, credibly and in real time, that we can beat the betting market in terms of prediction accuracy and yield on investments (as compared to other known betting software).

Coverage of top 5 European leagues
Three rigorously tested betting strategies
Wager amount suggestions
Fast informing on signals change
Manual or Automated Betting
Bankroll development visualization

Empowering bettors to become sports traders

AI-powered value bets suggestion tool for nerdy bettors with preset investment strategies, manual or automated betting (coming soon) and advanced visualisation of results.

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How it work?

Pick a strategy
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How it works?

  • Pick a strategy
  • Pick your value bets
  • Follow the progress

Pick a strategy based on your taste for risk, return, investment amount. It is easily customizable, change what you need.

Pick your value bets and manually place bets with a bookmaker. See value bets (match, market and bookmaker) as well as optimal stakes suggestions

Follow the progress of your investment with us

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  • Greater utilization of existing Sports Data
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